Sand And Happiness

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend my surrogate big brother’s wedding to his amazing wife. It was located on the beach and despite the Florida rain everything managed to take off fairly smoothly. He made his vows and she had a quote recited and of course they exchanged their rings (Admittedly the rings were tied too tight and the father of the bride had to cut them out of the ribbon – a rather fitting way of letting go of his little girl?).Image

It was wonderful to see them again, and I finally had the pleasure of meeting my niece, who is now seven months old and growing like crazy. The dances were tear-jerking with the classic Bride and Groom’s first dance, Father and Bride sharing some laughs, Groom and mother dancing to good old Will Smith, and finally Groom and his little girl sharing a moment on the dance floor.

I just recently found out that the family will be moving closer to my area (Most likely about an hour and a half away now, as opposed to four), so I will have to make sure I get better at staying in touch, as I will profess that it is not my strong point in life. The wedding was also a nice chance to spend some quality bonding time with my younger brother (Pictured below) as well as catch up with an old friend.


Overall, I have to say it was a nice weekend, and that the bug bites and learning to walk through the sand in heels were more than worth it. I’ll post more pictures soon!

Got a wedding coming up but have no clue what to get them?

More often than not couples make use of a registry, but for those that don’t, I’ll share what I presented to my big brother and new sister-in-law.

I knew I wanted to get them something they would be able to use regularly and – seeing as they have a little one in the house – I wanted it to be simple and safe. I thought about monogrammed towels, decorations, etc. but I wasn’t sure of their taste. So, after much brainstorming, I decided on bathrobes. I searched all over, and apparently it is quite hard to find nice bath robes that fit my college, part-time, shopping addicted budget. Thankfully Burlington Coat Factory and TJ Maxx have always been my best friends.Image

This didn’t seem like quite enough, so I thought “Why not stick with the theme and make it more?” I added mugs with Mr. and Mrs. that I hand painted myself (Because lets be honest, everyone wants to do a little something like that for a wedding!) and picked up a hazelnut ground coffee and a packet of gourmet biscotti to add to the mix.

I also wanted to add the little one in as well, since family is a big focus for them, so I slipped in the baby blanket I purchased for her just before she was born (This is the part where you don’t judge me for being completely incapable of staying in touch). Add in an adorable onesie from Old Navy saying “I ❤ My Dad” for comfy giggles as well.  Finally I slipped in a photo album I had decorated and placed it all in a giant basket that can later be used to hold baby clothes or blankets, and wrapped it up in tulle. Image

When wrapping a gift in tulle, spread out the amount you are working with and place your gift directly in the middle. Fold up the front and back sides, and then gather the left and right sides in bit by bit until you have a nicely disbursed tulle covering. Take some ribbon and tie it at the point that your wish the tulle covering to end at, leaving the excess hanging above the ribbon. Tightly gather the excess in your hand and slide your hand up until you hit the point that you would like the tulle to over flow the ribbon. Cut directly across at this point and discard to the excess. Fluff the overflowed tulle to your preference. Image

Be sure to add a card to the gift as well, whether you are putting it in the basket or safety pinning it to the tulle. The bride and groom will wish to thank you for your attendance and for the gift (which they loved of course!).

Take as many pictures as possible, you won’t regret it and the candid shots always make for great pictures. If you intend to post on Facebook, I don’t recommend tagging the couple unless you are very close with them, as they will doubtless have a ton of notifications already. Be sure to let them know if you’ve posted pictures and allow them to tag themselves in the ones they like.

Image“What a handsome couple!” – Said every older lady in attendance. *Awkward*


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